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A personal update

Hi Blogosphere! I realize it’s been 10 months since my last post here. The good news is that I’ve been spending my time in really fantastic places, the most important of which is now cooking for two! In the last year, I’ve met the guy of my dreams, gotten engaged, and will be getting married in late February.

However, I’m still passionate about cooking, and am looking forward to re-developing my blogging perspective as a wife. I am in the process of re-defining my blog, and will be back with a new site sometime soon–one that will focus on healthy cooking for couples, and still utilize the core principles of my original blog–cooking whole, seasonal, natural foods the old-fashioned way, and cooking inspired from-scratch meals with minimal prep and thoughtful planning. I’ll talk about preserving, making things from scratch like cheeses, yogurt, and cured meats, and the health benefits of making your own convenience foods from scratch instead of buying pre-packaged mixes.

Thanks for all of the support of the folks who have read this blog and commented. I hope that you will follow me to my next adventure, and I’ll certainly share the news with all of you when my new blog is ready to launch.




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